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Screens is a band from West Seattle featuring veterans of the Seattle, Bay Area and L.A. music scenes. Screens plays Crystal Skully music; synth heavy, bass driven, trip-pop anthems. Like a John Hughes movie on acid. Like The Journey of Natty Gann. On acid. Integrating visual elements into every live performance, Screens ushers the audience into their pixelated outer space fantasy game. Mapping a musical odyssey in the days of the pre-singularity for your listening pleasure.



  Screens is :
Carlos Tulloss (guitar, bass), Allison Tulloss (vocals, synth, flute) and Doug Port (drums, vocals), Colin Higgins (guitar, vocals, keyboards) 
Screens has been likened to a diverse group of bands such as Little Dragon, King Crimson, Mum, Ween, AM and Shawn Lee, Bjork and more.
"Screens is a group that cares enough to craft a sound that is unique, caters to no specific audience yet has enough character to draw in listeners from all over the map.  There are identifiable elements from the synth heavy 80s, programmed beat 90s, psychedelic 60s, and stadium rock 70s.  Screens doesn't try too hard to be anything but themselves.  The songs don't take themselves too seriously either.  Snakes on A Plane, Ancient Aliens, and Dexify (whatever the hell that means) seem somewhat absurd until you realize there are nuggets of truth that are being dropped in there amidst the ridiculousness.
The music stays challenging throughout without falling into the common trappings of technology over form.  This is a band that is constantly developing and I'm excited to see what Screens has to offer us in the future."
-Andy Sells

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