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I think we watched this thing about the end of the world
Draw lines through silent shapes in the night
It's not the meaning to be so afraid of dying
Andromeda is coming Andromeda is coming
They taught me everything but dreaming
Calm in the moon hot in the sun
They keep saying kingdom's gonna come
Applying pressure fronts so that the righteous will have won
They're wrong
The animals are eating eaten breeding being born flesh time design
We in this plane, associate

The origin of stories says it's coming to take us
Based on the rise and the fall of our makeup
Filaments of galaxies are tissue we're made of
From the grave to the cradle, to the mouth of this fable
Earning, burning, preaching, grieving, quasi powers overreaching
The things we fill with trying, caught by living and dying
Time is forever and nothing; make it better, we're all watching

Why is the Milky Way tilted in the sky?
'Cause it's the place where we've come to die.

Eastern Skies

Eastern skies have come and gone
Deepest nights they won’t be long
The reckoning all of us have coming
Is on its way
At least be kind it don’t cost much
And if there’s time let’s stay in touch
The memories of all of us adds something
That’s all I’ll say

All the habits I’ve been livin’
You’re the one that I need for sure
I’m not getting any younger
Or kidding anymore
Been in the dirt in the dark
And it hurts for a start
I don’t wanna be a fool

The paper chase the dumb mistakes
The lies we say the time we waste
All the things we make will someday
Wash away
Spun in time and lost in space
Grow like vines cause nothing waits
The strain of life unites
We’re all the same
It’s not too late

All the chances I was given
Wish I knew that I needed them all
Try not to be so unforgiving
We could use a little spell from the cold
We can live with the dirt and the dark
Where it hurts for a start
I don’t wanna be a fool
I just wanna be with you


Given time, I think I could find
All the songs that I lost
When I didn’t take them
So seriously
Try and remember what it means to me
To chase this life when the time began
If you’re not that cool you shouldn’t be so honest
That’s how I became the way I am
No really I’ll just draw you a diagram
Curses are sent from the tricks and treats of the innocent
Messages played through your old radio (Ah-Ah-Ah)
But this river it can’t be damned
When it goes away it comes around again
It’s a silver secret buried in the sand
From the past in the lands where the stars descend
And the old and the weary become young again
They pick the locks with their spring-loaded instruments
Bringing down supplies from his hide out in the hills
He’s the son of the last white American

And now I’m an ancient alien

By the emerald forests of night
In the city of tears
I played in a band
No seriously
We’d summon angels and demons to fight
They’d take the minds of our losers outside
Eyes burned with furious invisible light
We kept our hands filthy with the blood of insight
We’re not old we’re not bleary we are one again
And we will see that this destruction is undone again
Ringing from guitars to set fire to these ills
Come the sound and the echo and the all to end

And now I’m an ancient alien​

Tranzendermental Highway

You pick me up at the closest intersection
Of making things matter and always
Keeping your distances ​
Well within the radius of love
And if psychic benevolence could be inherited
Through the taking of liquids
Towered by the will of children
The machines of mind would burn
With engines dormant in our hearts

I’ve given up on maintaining references
General deference versus keeping it interesting
Passive in its aggressiveness, herding the messages
To sleep in the distance
Outside the fields of reason
Put the gray of sky behind
Horizons drawn into our hearts

To take your own advice
Or crave conform divide
To own your sacrifice
To make to find to drive
To write your own replies
Or blame it on your lies
To live your only life
To care and love and try

You know we’re only if we’re tired of loneliness
Wasted and worried
Wintered and without leaves
Bitten by the obvious come on
Gold dust and poppies
Turning drifters and vistas to sail
I find you down on the road we encounter
Meet face to face so the
Time won’t seem long between


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